This is the old "MovingPhotos" screensaver, which hasn't been updated in years and only works on 10.5 Leopard. Go here for MovingPhotos3D.

This is a simple screen saver that moves your photos around the screen in a variety of patterns. Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" only (sorry). This software is freeware offered on an as-is basis; by downloading, you accept full responsibility for the use of it and all consequences thereof. More screenshots here.

Download 1.0 for Mac OS X 10.5

Installation instructions: Download, open MovingPhotos.saver. Confirm installation; you'll then be taken to the Screen Saver preferences pane. Scroll down the list to Other and expand the "disclosure triangle" if need be, then click on MovingPhotos. By default a single default photo is used, so click Options... then Choose Folder... You can choose your iPhoto Library. You could also use /Library/Desktop Pictures.

Check the FAQ, email any other questions and all feedback to movingphotos at

The MD5 checksum of the zip file is 5964fa18f16500bcb92223b0ac73e8c6.

Thanks to: Apple, for making Core Animation part of Leopard, and Scott Stevenson, for technical pointers and how-to.


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