Frequently Asked Questions:

I lost my license! Contact FastSpring store support here, and they'll be happy to help you out.

I can't install my license! Step by step procedure, with screenshot, is here.

What options should I adjust? In the Adjust tab of the options in system preferences, start by increasing number of photos (with the Fewer Photos -- Many slider), and see if your Mac can keep up. If the animation gets jerky, you can try lowering the number of photos moved at once, or image quality (Quality slider).

Can I choose which photos are included? You can choose any folder, which allows you to limit to only a certain year or event in your iPhoto library. To do so, first click Use iPhoto Library, then click Choose Photo Folder... In the dialog that comes up, choose the Masters subfolder (or Originals, in older versions of iPhoto), and from there you can choose a particular year. Inside each year are all the events for that year.

The Use iPhoto Library / iTunes Artwork buttons don't work. These buttons only work if you have your iPhoto / iTunes libraries in the usual places. If a library is in a different place, you can still use it, but you'll have to navigate to it using Choose Photo Folder...

Hidden photos from my iPhoto library are showing up! MovingPhotos3D does not have a deep understanding of the iPhoto Library structure. It treats the iPhoto Library just like a regular folder of photos. For this reason, it can't skip hidden photos.

Can I use my Aperture library? You can select your Aperture 3 library in the Choose Photo Folder... dialog. As usual, high resolution previews must be turned on. Larger libraries (perhaps >10,000 masters and versions?) on slower machines may cause the app to delay for a short time on startup; let me know if you notice an excessive delay. You can choose a subdirectory of the Previews directory to limit by year. Unfortunately, choosing specific projects or folders is not supported.

I see a dinosaur!! The dinosaur image will show if you've selected a directory with no usable image files in it.

My settings are not taking effect. If you change settings, such as choosing the photo folder, but then don't close the screen saver preferences, then your settings have not yet been saved. The small preview window and the Test button will work as expected, but if the real screen saver activates, it will use the previous settings. So, close the preferences when you're done, and use the Test button to run the screen saver before closing preferences.

The animation is not smooth. If you get jerky animations, go to the Adjust tab of the options. You need to reduce the number of photos (Fewer Photos -- Many slider), quality, or number of photos moved at once (Move Few at Once -- Many slider). It can sometimes help to reduce the speed as well (Fast -- Slow slider).

Will the license work with upgraded versions? Yes, the license is for all 1.X versions.

Support: Email movingphotos3d at If you have bought a license and are having problems, my top priority is to assist you. Don't worry, you will be taken care of. Remember we may be in different time zones, and check your junk mail folder.

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