This is the support page for the MovingPhotos3D iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad version. If you have a Mac, download a free trial of the original Mac screen saver to see your photos fly around on the big screen!

Frequently asked questions:

I get a blank screen! This can happen if you tapped No when asked about your current location (see next question). To check if this is the problem, go to the Settings application (separate from MovingPhotos3D), then General, then Location Services. Make sure Location Services are ON and "MP3D" is also ON down below.

Why does this app want my current location?? MovingPhotos3D does not use your location for any purpose. When you first use any app that accesses the photo library, a somewhat confusing message is shown. The message says the app wants to use your current location. This is because photos can have location information contained in them. You must say OK in order for MovingPhotos3D to work. Sorry for the confusion!!

How do I use it? Rotate your iPhone to view the scene from different angles (iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod Touch only). Shake your iPhone to move on to a new shape.

Can I adjust anything? Access the settings page by tapping anywhere, and then tapping the Settings button that appears in the corner. You can turn off shapes that you don't like, and take images from your iPod artwork instead of the Photos app.

What should I try? Try unchecking all the shapes except the spiral and replace photos with new ones. It's fun to watch it go from spiral to spiral.

Email support questions, problems, and feedback to Let me know what device you have, and explain the problem as clearly as you can. Remember we may be in different time zones, and check your junk mail folder.

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