MovingPhotos3D is a visualization that lets you see your photo library in a new way. It sends your photos flying around the screen in three dimensions. You can see hundreds of pictures form different shapes. If you buy the app, you can install the screen saver version as well, and it will be licensed from the app.

The app starts out in a window, but be sure to try it full-screen (menu option or command-F). Click a photo with the mouse to see it close-up. It takes images from your iPhoto library, Aperture library, iTunes album artwork, or any folder you choose (Preferences option on MovingPhotos3D menu).

Download free trial MovingPhotos3D

The free trial runs for about a minute, and then shows a message over the action. If you like it, just return to the Mac App Store to buy (you may have to trash the trial before the app store lets you buy).

Support: Check the FAQ, then email If you have bought MovingPhotos3D and are having problems, my top priority is to assist you. Don't worry, you will be taken care of. Remember we may be in different time zones, and check your junk mail folder!

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